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Unable to use

Although I've used this app in the past with no issues, it now crashes on every attempt. I have an iPhone 5 with an older iOS version. Perhaps that's the problem but if this app is no longer comparable, there should be an option to use an older version. Currently, every time I attorney to submit a claim, I get to the last step, which is uploading a receipt. As soon as I click on the appropriate button to do so, the app shuts down completely! I have deleted the app and re downloaded, restarted the phone and it still does the same thing. This, coupled with the fact that I can't access the website online, is VERY frustrating. ( online, it doesn't recognize either my old or new password to even sign on ). I am hesitant to change online password for fear it will then, no longer recognize the password that does connect me via my iPhone. Did I say this was frustrating?? It is... X 10 !!!

Crash and Burn

Crashes both on iPhone and ipad.

Awesome apps

Great ability to upload receipt with camera

Amazingly fast and efficient!

This simplifies tracking our flex account! What a difference in speed!

Love it - convenient & easy, hassle-free

Easy to see how much you're spending, what you've contributed and what you still have left available. Love that you can submit photos of receipts.

Convenient and easy to use

App is very easy to set up. Convenient having flex information available at your fingertips wherever you may be!


This app is incredibly helpful. The new receipt upload functionality is great and now I have access to my flex accounts anywhere I go. Works great!!!

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